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  2. Wayne, welcome to the blogosphere! I’ll follow you if you follow me. Thonie Hevron, Just the Facts, Ma’am– https://thoniehevron.wordpress.com/


  3. Wayne, Welcome to the blogosphere. I’ll follow you if you follow me at https://thoniehevron.wordpress.com/. My blog is called “Just the Facts, Ma’am”


  4. Gerry says:

    Mazel tov!


  5. Warde Miller says:

    Hey Pogie I’m not up on all this blog stuff, what’s all about?


    • foywminson says:

      Hey Ward. What’s it all about? I’m in the process of finding out. From what I’ve seen and read, it’s about whatever I want it to be. So, aside from spouting off about cops that don’t know how to use choke-holds, I plan on spouting off about whatever irritates me, plus pushing my books, plus probably a bit of reminiscing about the USAF and the PPD…you know, war stories. Good to hear from you. Say Hi to Nancy.


  6. Kathy Morgan says:

    Way to go….proud of you!!!


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