I’m an old guy by the name of Foy W. Minson who has written a few books and is working on a few more.

After growing up in a small, central California town, I was a U.S. Air Force aircraft mechanic for eight years in Europe and stateside during the Cold War (think construction of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban missile crisis), a small-town cop in coastal northern California for eighteen years (small town cops do it all), a private investigator for a couple of years (but no key-hole peeping), two years as a commercial property manager, half a year as a delicatessen proprietor, and thhirty-seven years in the private security field in various positions and levels with twelve different companies (little ones often get bought out by big ones).  I have witnessed much of this world’s kindnesses, weaknesses, evils, and indifferences; sometimes up close and personal and sometimes from afar.

You are invited to check out my creations, which are listed under Published Books along with their descriptions.  They are available at Amazon.com as both Kindle e-books and paperback.  If you enjoy them, please spread the word.  If you don’t, please tell me about it.

Aside from pushing my books, this blog may contain opinions and observations about whatever has grabbed my attention or occasionally emerges from my store of fond, and not so fond, memories.  I’ve got lots of war-stories, not as stories of actual war, but just things I’ve done and seen, battles with…stuff, people, fools, and occasionally, smart folks.  It may be something from a headline that sets me off, an overheard conversation about one of the searing issues of the day or week (or era), or simply something my mind has latched onto.

You are invited to respond, rebut or re-enforce whatever grabs you.

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