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A tale that follows not only a globe spanning, apocalyptic invasion of Earth, but the interactions between survivors when one among them is progressively being devoured by his own demons.Widower Jason Wolfe is a cop in Adobe Creek, a small town in the forested hills north of San Francisco, and who is considering turning in his badge for the sake of Emma, his young daughter. But then his dilemma expands a hundred-fold when invaders from the stars decimate Earth’s civilizations in a raging holocaust. Besides destroying a large majority of humanity, why did the invaders come? Is it for colonization—or something else? Will they eventually leave—or stay forever? Whether they go or stay, how can Jason even survive, let alone protect his daughter in the chaos that engulfs them? And what are the strange, new abilities beginning to emerge among the survivors?

This edition is unchanged from edition 2, which was published from the paperback version on CreateSpace, except the cover is the original one created for edition 1.
Available at on Kindle e-books and paperback

You met Matti Raven briefly in Refuge when Adam Rainger gave her a ride just minutes before the invaders appeared above Adobe Creek. Now join her in surviving the destruction of her town.She is sixteen years old. She is black. She survives a fiery, Earth invasion by creatures from the stars. Her family does not, and she is alone.

In the midst of fire and ash, Matti and her boyfriend, Woody, discover they have inexplicable, new abilities. She survived the initial holocaust by intercepting the thoughts of a dog cowering in a storm drain and joining it there. Woody’s power of levitation saves her, first from the clutches of an angry mob, and then from a collapsing house. He lures an invader away from their hiding place but fails to return, and she is alone again.

Matti is present when a lay-preacher commands from his pulpit that the invaders be gone, and, seeming to comply, they leave Earth en mass. The preacher, a fire and brimstone spewing racial bigot following his apparent mandate from God to rid Earth of evil—as he defines it—accuses Matti of being a minion of Satan and in collusion with the demon invaders. Forced to flee the group she had joined in her struggle for survival, she is, again, alone.

Amid ruin, Matti is given a choice to either join a gang of cutthroats in their brutal mode of survival—a life of evil she should be suited for if the preacher spoke the truth—or to be skinned alive just to see if she is black all the way through. Opting to go down fighting, she discovers she is not alone.


Available at on Kindle e-books and paperback

And Crawling Things Lurk is a horror story designed to give you nightmares—or at least indigestion. In a small, northern California town, an abomination that should not exist outside of nightmares has long flourished unnoticed by limiting its sustenance to what is provided from out of the area. But fate disrupts that system of provision, and it falls upon the local populace to sate horrific needs. The town drunk witnesses the beginning of these depredations in which the first human victim is his own alley-prowling girlfriend. But how can he convince anyone that what he saw was not just another phantom from a bottle? After all, how could such evil come from so innocuous a figure as he describes? The only one to believe his story is a young girl who befriends him against warnings from her local cop and her parents. The returning shade of his dead lover prods him to believe that the thing will keep coming back for more of his loved ones. But can he overcome alcohol and war-wound-caused mental limitations to construct a weapon to kill the monster.e Free Kindle App

Available at on Kindle e-books and paperback
Question:  What could be more dangerous to do in the forest than getting between a mama bear and her cub?

Answer:  Abducting a child and leaving her mother alive to come after you.

In the coastal mountains of northern California, Angela is trapped in the wreckage of her uncle’s isolated house with him, her husband, and her fourteen year old daughter when a powerful earthquake brings it down. A man and woman she assumes are rescuers arrive and dig out her daughter, but, alluding to the life of hell they intend for her, they leave Angela and the others behind to a fate of fang and claw the man instigates…

After Angela gains her freedom when she repels the doom falling upon them she must choose between freeing Ethan and Liam, both seriously injured, or going after Sammi and her abductors. Opting for the only acceptable choice, she leaves the men as potential bear-bait and strikes out on the trail that is fading with each breath she takes.
But if she can find them, and if force is the only way she can gain her daughter’s freedom, can she overcome the obsessive aversion to violence she has never even explained to her husband? Can she rescue her daughter–no matter what it takes?

Available at on Kindle e-books

DONOR CARDS evolved from a poster that asked, “Do you plan to drink and drive?” followed by the request, “Please sign here,” or something to that effect. It showed an organ donor card with the signature line still blank. The message was halting, especially when combined with the concept of Three Strikes taken to the extreme.

GREATEST IMPACT came to me in a flash one day. It just sort of jumped out there whole and intact as a response to my “What if…?”

VIVARIAN occurred to me one day as I watched my daughter care for one of her creatures. While observing events, I asked myself, “Yeah, but what if…?” and finished the question with a fascinating scenario. Yeah, what if…?

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